Friday, February 13, 2009

Chapter 2

I packed up yesterday and now my days are relatively free. I am trying to enjoy them. I've been groaning for free time for the longest time and now I have it, so I suppose I should make the most out of it before I have to go to work again.

I've been spending more time with my kids and I love it. It's tiring. A different kind of tiring from office work but I love being able to see them all the time and to watch them experience new things and to have them be able to tell me about them almost immediately. I am actually thinking of looking for something flexible work-wise. I am really trying to think out how to make this so. Maybe this realization is a blessing from this whole experience, a blessing I've been waiting to see. Who knows?

So, in line with my new, free schedule, here are some things I want to do asap:

1. Play with my kids more. Have meals with them.
2. Sign up for the gym.
3. Bake new recipes.
4. See old friends I haven't been able to see because of my previous work schedule.
5. READ!!!

I think I am seeing a few more good things as I go along.


dreamwalker said...

You make it sound dreamy, now I am inggit!

anya said...

Go! Suck the marrow out of life. :-) Love you.

karla said...

"bake new recipes." hayyy kung kelan ako wala! hehehe.

vicki said...

hehehe Numi. Trying out the positive thing is less tiring, I am finding. Not too much energy spent on being angry.

Anya, I am doing my best. Love you much too!

Karla, when you get back? hehehe.