Monday, May 5, 2008

Mother's Day Musing

I was thinking about Mother's Day a few days ago. I was taken back to some questions I posed in my first post. I still wonder what makes a good mom. As the day for moms approaches, I can't help but ask myself if I've been a good mom so far. Now, I know this is not something one measures in days or weeks or months but I took stock of the past 6 months anyway, just to see if I was doing at least some things right.

And the answer is.......I have no bloody idea. I do know though that I feel like a good mom for the reasons below:

I know I love my kids the best way I can, every minute I am with them and every minute I am not. I can't imagine a world where my kids are not in it or a thought that isn't somehow connected to them. I worry constantly about their health, development, and happiness and about how they are feeling when I can't hold them, or play with them, or just be with them. I wish so hard for more hours in a day just so I have more time to spend with them. I take pride in their milestones, no matter how inconsequential they may seem to many. I show them off every chance I get. And I work everyday to make sure that I can give them the best that I can manage. And when that isn't enough, I can swallow the worst bile in the world to get them more. I would walk through hell and back if they needed me to.

This makes me feel like a good mom, at least. I hope I am right.

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