Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Rush

I tell myself every year that I will start my Christmas shopping early to avoid the mad rush near the 25th. I tell myself and I never follow. This year, I am rushing again. But I am pleased that I have almost all my shopping done- and this by buying a little here and there along the way. I am even more pleased that my budget this year fit almost everyone I wanted to give gifts to and yet was not exorbitantly huge. There are things to be happy about. Yippee! I am also happy that I am finally feeling the Christmas spirit. I think I am really trying to focus on the good things here and I'm trying to deal with the not so good ones one at a time and slowly. So far, so good. I hope this stays this way.
My biggest dilemma at the moment is what to get the hubby. He wants a PSP but that is just too expensive. I was thinking clothes since he has a lot of t-shirts but not a lot of going out shirts. But it seems too practical to be a gift. I don't know. I want to maximize my budget, however small, and still give a gift he will like. This is hard. Suggestions?

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