Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thinking About Relationships Too

This is in direct reflection over Livi's post. I think she had A LOT of interesting things to say there. And since I've also honestly been thinking a lot about relationships recently (thanks to Twilight actually), it felt good to read some sane words for a change.
What is happening that so many couples are falling out of love?

Could it be we expect too much? Do we think marriage is about living in a constant state of extreme passion and euphoria? Are we wanting our spouse to solve all our problems, fulfill all our dreams, and be the perfect man or woman?
It's so easy to fall into this trap. I've had many a wiser friend tell me that this was just hogwash and, for the most part, I agree. But sometimes I find myself thinking, is it really crap or are we just told that it's crap to make it easier to accept less? What is wrong with that state of passion or euphoria? I am sure I would be able to maintain this, given a conducive situation. And while I don't think any one person can be perfect, what is wrong with close to perfection? I am not the kind of person to expect a white knight to come galloping to the rescue, but it would be nice to be rescued every now and then. Just as it's nice to do the rescuing every now and then as well.
Perhaps we don’t feel love because we have stopped loving?
This is so hard when you are pissed off...ok, perhaps not to stop loving entirely but maybe to be demonstrative about it. And when you are naturally introverted, not very showy, quite emotional in general, this can be even more difficult in moments of negativity.
Or maybe we forget that our marriage is only as successful as the couple makes it.
Ah yes. We return to the crux of it all. And I agree. And again, this is hard work! I want that book Livi keeps raving about!

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dreamwalker said...

Perhaps I should get this book also? Then again Vicki, as I always say, words are just words. Talk is cheap...arrgh, am frustrated!