Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Baby Food Update #3

Ok, I've been remiss on the updating, but not the food giving.

So, updates:
-my daughter has now eaten chicken, fish, pork, and beef, successfully. She liked the fish the least though but I think it might have been how I cooked it. I used Dory and steamed it with lemon,a bit of salt, and olive oil. I'll try another way for her next fish dish.
-she has also eaten a lot of fruit and veggies. Carrots, sweet potato, potato, squash, apples, banana, papaya, pineapple, green peas. She likes sweet potato and squash a lot. Next thing I'm going to add is broccoli for the veggies and pears for fruit.
-I am not pureeing anymore (thank goodness!). She needs to have clumps now so she can learn to chew well. Besides, she already has 6 teeth, plus she's turning 1 in a month. So it's time. She has also eaten some pita break and crackers. Oh, and yogurt. Which she loves. (She does not get that from me, for sure!)
-my 3 year old son broke out into a nasty rash a week ago and we figured it was food-related. How? Well, he had been suffering from a bad cough and according to hi doctor, this is a good time for allergies to highly allergenic food to surface, even if he had been eating the food without a problem in the past. Poor boy, I had to put him on a "bland" diet for a week. He was on fish and Nilaga. Funnily enough, he loved both, and ate a whole lot that entire week. (Now that is definitely from me!).
-I know the list of highly allergenic food items is long but here's a short list:
  • chicken
  • egg
  • salted food
  • chocolate
  • food with preservatives (this was tough since everything is processed now)
  • tomatoes
  • dairy
  • peanuts
You can find a more detailed list here.
-He's well now, and eating some of these foods again without a reaction. So, whew!

That's it for now. I am excited about some Halloween and Christmas baby/toddler food posts.


Mai da Paypay said...

the kiddies' diet is very healthy! that's not very common these days. you and my sister are my idol. my pamangkin loves malunggay and okra!

vicki said...

Well, I try. Definitely all-natural for their first year and even well into their second. At least this is how I did it for Tyler. But there is no denying exposure so I figured after 1.5, it would be safe to introduce some things like chocolate, cake, jollibee. But to this day there are certain no-no's I stand by: no soda of any kind and no chocolate bars. I never give candy but I can't stop others from doing so. Sigh.

jules said...

always looking for good food ideas for the kids... thanks

vicki said...

Feel free to drop by anytime Jules...=)

bem said...

"I never give candy but I can't stop others from doing so. Sigh!" - haay...sigh din. so true 'no? esp ang lolo at lola! :D

hi there! got here thru maidapaypay.

vicki said...

Hi bem! hehehe, grandparents say that is their privilege, so I don't protest. As long as it's not a regular thing. Thanks for visiting!