Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fool No More

I brought the car to work yesterday so I decided to wait the couple of hours it would take after shift for the bank to open so I could finally complete my salary loan transaction. I entered the branch, tired from the whole work day but armed with a copy of my receipt indicating that I had paid for most of my loan. I still had a tiny bit left to pay off and since it was 5 figures I thought I would chop it up into two or three just to make it lighter to pay, generally-speaking. As I spoke with the teller though, she started telling me about all that I would need to do to be able to pay that last bit in parts. Plus, she told me that there would be even more interest added to those payments because we were chopping it up further. I decided then and there to pay the whole thing off and to just really scrimp until the next pay period. This way, I would be loan-free.

So, now I am loan-free, nearly broke, but feeling lighter with THAT off my shoulders. It was funny that that foolish decision was brought to a close on April Fool's Day. I also realized, after paying everything off, that had I lengthened the payment, it would be like getting a small part of the brick from that major loan and using it to hammer myself. Fool again if ever, but fool no more.

I am free of that! I feel good! One down, some more to go. It's a start, at least.


dreamwalker said...

Wow, happy for you Vicki! It was great seeing you last night, kahit sandali lang.

vicki said...

It feels great Numi. Good to see you too. We should do it more often especially since you will be living really nearby soon.