Friday, January 23, 2009

Butterfly Tag

Oooooh! This is my first ever blog "award". Super exciting. As a lot of my friends know, I have a streak of narcissism I am trying to do away with. But moments like this do not make it easy at all. Hehe. Perhaps I am making too big a deal out of it but, who cares? As I said, narcissism.

So I am supposed to tag 10 other cool blogs. I hope I have 10 to tag! Here goes.

Mai da PayPay
This is a really fantastic food blog that advocates the use of all-natural ingredients and homegrown products. Plus, her recipes are mouth watering!

Marion Silver
The thoughts, ideas, and experiences of a nature-loving, knowledge-seeking vegetarian.

Slice of Pizza Pie
Hilarious, heartwarming, true stories from a funny mom about a loving husband and dad, and a cute little girl!

Into the Wardrobe
This is a blog of a person who loves, loves, loves literature- especially kids literature. You can find reviews for different children's books as well as interviews with their authors.

A blog with the musings, ideas, and thoughts of an intelligent, deep, insightful friend. There are also a lot of cool clips.

Argh, I only have 5. Well, I am sure there will be more tags from these great blogs. Don't forget the rules guys: you have to pass the tag and leave a message on the blog of that person to let them know that you've tagged them.



Tarie said...

Aww, Vicki. I am so touched. Thank you!!! *hugs*

karla said...

awwwww! thanks vicki!!! :)

Tarie said...

Hi again, Vicki! I have already posted on my blog in response to this tag. :D Thank you again!

vicki said...

You're welcome ladies! Keep blogging!

Ree said...

Thanks Vicki!!! I tag YOU back! :-)