Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!

I am generally not superstitious but when there are warnings of bad things to come, I get matter how based in science or not these warning are. I got an email from Livi telling me about Mercury Retrograde. Enter notes from Carmina Burana. Here is what she found:


During Mercury Retrograde, electronic gadgets are especially prone to disaster.
If possible, resist buying anything involving communications technology during this time.
Never sign contracts during Mercury Retrograde.
Don’t sign up for cell phone service, health club memberships, car leases or insurance policies.
Don’t even think about buying a house. If you must, triple check everything.
Try to delay putting your name on any document until after Mercury Retrograde is over.
Never make a major purchase, especially a car during Mercury Retrograde. Even if things seem fine at the time, there’s a good chance a defect will appear during a later retrograde.
Recheck your work and always double-check your messages. Hesitate to press the SEND button on your e-mails until you read them over.
Write down information when playing back voice messages – don’t rely on your memory.
Leave early to all appointments when possible and don’t be surprised if you arrive late.


Review your life and the decisions you’ve made.
Readjust your priorities.
Retreat to give yourself the space you need.
Recommit to the goals you believe are worth-while.
Reflect on who you are and where you’re going.
Recharge your batteries.
Repair any damage you may have caused to objects or relationships.
Renew your sense of purpose.
Revise your attitudes and routines.
Return to your core set of values.
Reward yourself for success.
(courtesy of this site)

OK, so great for the positives but the negatives...aaahhh!I am hoping that my non-superstitious nature will kick in just so I won't stress or worry, but, based on experiencing Mercury Retrograde last year... I AM AFRAID!


anya said...

I almost can't believe you would worry about this...

vicki said...

hahahaha! I am afraid mostly of the possibility of things going wrong. I hate when things go wrong.