Thursday, January 29, 2009

What would Dante Alighieri Think?

My officemate, Jonette, shared a link about the New 7 Deadly Sins on Plurk and, naturally, my interest was piqued. I've often said that I believe I am more spiritual than religious and that I am a lover of literature. So this seeming new take on the Bible/Dante combination really intrigued me. I checked out the site and I found, what is arguably, the best summary of our generations possible pitfalls. If Dante really listed the 7 Deadly Sins in his Divine Comedy with the purpose of keeping the people in the 1300's "in line and on the right path", then this site does a good job in creating a list, warning 'co-21st century-ers' to stay focused and to remember what is important.

Here's the list with snippets from the site:

1. Waiting to be happy

One of the biggest misconceptions ever is that once you’re successful, once you own a house, when you have a lot of money, or once you’re retired, you’ll finally be happy.

But the truth is, you need happiness to achieve all of that in the first place.

Remember, the longer you wait to be happy the less time you’ll actually have to be happy.

2. Achieving success without helping others

If you truly want to be successful then you can’t focus your entire efforts on yourself. You must help other people achieve their goals and their own success.

There’s an old saying that the road to success is lonely, but it won’t be when you help others.

3. Belittling the dreams of others

Your dreams aren’t superior to any other person’s dreams.

4. Complacency

It’s one thing to be satisfied with what you have, but it’s another story when you’ve completely settled.

When you settle and don’t create any new dreams to go after, you’ve basically given up.

5. Not questioning

One of the greatest things we can do for ourselves is to question our lives and things in it as much as possible.

Questions like:

- Why me?

- Why not me?

- Do I really love what I’m doing?

We don’t need to have the answers right away, but we must keep thinking.

6. No attempt to change the world

Changing the world is not as hard as it may seem. Even if you change the community and world around you, you’re doing a lot. Simple acts can create drastic change.

7. Fearing

The whole point of the original seven deadly sins was to instill fear in people. But living in fear isn’t living.

Even if you’ve committed some of these sins don’t fear; acknowledging you’ve done so is all the forgiveness you need.

Now isn't this list something to really sit and think about. And I can tell you I've been guilty of a helluva lot of the things listed here. I am sure if they create a new Internet test to tell me which new ring of hell I fall in, I would be in deeper than even Numi (y'all can ask her what ring she's supposed to be in, in Dante's hell. Hahaha!).

What do you guys think?


dreamwalker said...

With this list, Vicki, I think I will be in DEEPER - much DEEPER - crap...

vicki said...

Waaaaah! Are we doomed?

anya said...

If these are the new deadly sins, then I am going STRAIGHT to heaven.

karla said...

i think that is just awfully true. natamaan ako. a-rouch! hehehe.