Friday, January 16, 2009


*Sigh. I wrote mid-last year that I was sad about good friends leaving the company for their own individual reasons. Well, 3 have moved on and, pretty soon, one more will. I am sad again, not that I ever stopped. But now I am back to remembering vividly. One of my favorite students said goodbye to me today. It was his last class. He was movie to another company, a sudden piece of news for me since it was the first I had heard that he was even considering this step. I estimate that my sister-in-law will be leaving for New Zealand by the first quarter of this year. It seems I can't really escape goodbyes, or even get a brief pause from it! I suppose I should really start teaching myself how to handle it better. *Sigh


dreamwalker said...

This is depressing, Vicki. Ren, Livi, Aves, and I are still here, if that counts at all. ;)

vicki said...

Of course it counts! I just miss the ones who have moved on.