Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Baby Food Update #2

So the baby food thing has been going well. I now have the schedule pretty regularized. I make 2 kinds of food twice a week. Ok, I've only been doing this for about 2 weeks but so far so good. For my 2nd "dish" I decided to try a different meat. So I boiled some lean pork and pureed when it was cold. I added some sweet potato and papaya to it. It looked interesting but I can't say much for the taste. This is because, again, I don't like either sweet potato or papaya. But they are good for the digestion and my daughter's digestion is like mine, bad, so I decided it would be a good idea to give her this added fiber. The frozen cubes were a bit grainy and separated when thawed so I bought a tub of plain yogurt and mixed a couple of teaspoons into the mix. What do you know? It thickened right up. I made the consistency kind of chunky this time to get her to start chewing more. She didn't take to it as quickly as the chicken-squash-apple dish but she got into it eventually.
For my third "dish" I tried beef. Now this was a disaster! I followed the instructions from this great baby food site, wholesome baby food, for all my purees so I was confident that the beef would be just as good. It turned out stinky and not too great looking. I threw it away. I know, waste of food but I just couldn't bring myself to give that to my daughter. I will try it again though, with a few changes here and there. Updates on that to follow.
So for this week I made chicken again, primarily because this was the meat I had on hand. But to spruce it up I mixed it with sweet potato and pineapple. Perfect for the fiber again. Plus, the pineapple packs a lot of natural flavor. It actually seemed to me like the baby version of 'Pinyang Manok'. She loved it! I also added some rice to her dish, just before she was about to eat. She loved that too.
I am so pleased at how this is all going. I am thinking though that I want to add more flavor to the dishes so I am thinking of cooking the food before pureeing, meaning doing more than the regular boil. I am also thinking of a fish dish next. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all continues to go well.


yanka said...

I didn't think it was possible but reading about your baby food made me hungry.

vicki said...

hahahahaha! Avril said something similar. Like she wanted some of the puree too. Does it really sound good? I'm glad! =)