Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Baby Food Update

As planned, I have begun my homemade baby food process. I said I would do it after next payday, next payday has come and gone, and now....I am on my way.

Over the weekend I made my first batch of homemade baby food. Since my daughter has been eating chicken, mixed veggies, and mixed fruits already, I tried not to stray from the familiar for my first try. So I made her chicken with squash and apples, carrots, squash. I combined them to make chicken-squash and apple-carrot-squash batches. They were very easy to make! I just needed to boil a whole lot of things and then puree away. It was actually a lot of fun. I liked the taste of the chicken-squash mixture more than the apple-carrot-squash mix but this is probably because I don't like apples or carrots. It did have a sweetish taste though which I though was perfect to sweeten the chicken mix. I bought these rubber ice trays, 2 big ones, which I used to freeze her food. Perfect!

The best part is, she likes the food! I am so pleased. I get to feed her stuff I am sure of because, well, I make them. Plus, savings!

Next project would be beef and fish. I am thinking of incorporating yogurt and cheese but I am not sure how yet. She should be able to take them already since she's 9.5 months. Any suggestions?


yanka said...

I knew you'd enjoy it! I was a stay-at-home mom for my son's first few years and I found the whole process of making his meals very therapeutic.

Sadly my cooking never really advanced and I can only make baby/toddler food.

Yogurt as is = too boring for you?

ceemee said...

i did not give my daughter cheese before one year old because it is processed food. that is just my opinion. i have tried giving her beef with potatoes and carrots. :-)
good luck with the baby food!

vicki said...

Ceemee, that's a thought. I will look into that. I am excited about the beef part to be honest. It sounds yummier. =)

Yanka, I'm sure you could whip up a great meal if you put your mind to it. Hehehe. And as for the yogurt, I was thinking of giving it in all it's naked glory. I hope she takes to it. =)

Ree said...

Isn't making baby food fun? I'm glad you enjoyed it. I get Lauren this yogurt made especially for babies called "YoBaby" by Stonyfield Farms. It's organic and has some added nutrients plus minimal sugar and some fruit mixed in (apple, banana, peach or mixed berry). If you can't get that brand there perhaps a little vanilla yogurt or plain yogurt with a little bit of apple, banana, or carrot puree?

I started giving Lauren cheese when she was about 10 months..when she could start picking up little pieces with her fingers, she LOVES shredded cheddar cheese.

vicki said...

That's an idea too! It could be a great way to thicken up a puree as well. I don't think we have that brand but we do have the plain, old fashioned yogurt. There are some with fruits as well but I'm not sure about the sugar content or the preservatives.
And shredded cheese. Now THAT is a fun idea!! I'll try that next month, when she turns 10 months. Thanks Ree!!!