Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Entourage is GREAT!

This show has been on since 2004 and I've seen it on 2 different cable channels but I have to admit I didn't stop to watch it until last night. Somehow the idea of watching a show about guys hanging out and being guys didn't appeal to me. I mean, come on. I have an older and younger brother so, suffice it to say, I have been surrounded by guys (their friends included) all my life. I thought, no mystery here.

I was pleasantly surprised.

The show is actually very funny. I know, I hear snorting. My brand of humor is not the popular type. It actually most of the time isn't the intelligible kind either. But this show is great! It's about this up and coming actor Vince and his life in Hollywood with his childhood friends and brother, who also happens to be an actor (albeit an older, struggling, more washed out one). It is funny, funny, funny! Yes, they are guys being guys. But they aren't a*$h*!@s. They aren't condescending or patronizing, nor do they play any of the other stereotypical guy roles. The show really focuses more on the friendships and how this plays a very important part in the way events unfold. I like to think of it as a guy Sex and the City because of the friendship part (not the sex or the city obviously). Another good thing is a guy will actually watch this show. Well, at least my hubby did. And he found it funny. (Now his sense of humor is more recognizable so this has to count for something). I recommend this show for those lazy nights with the hubby or the boyfriend, over a bowl of buttery popcorn, or even steaming mugs of coffee/tea/chocolate. And watch it from the first season so it makes more sense.


Ree said...

WE LOVE THIS SHOW TOO! It's one of our favorites. Ari's my favorite character. Did you know that Mark Walberg (who produces the show)based these characters on real life friends of his...and that the REAL Turtle was actually his assistant named "Donkey") I heard Mark Walberg is going to make a cameo appearance this season.

vicki said...

I read that somewhere. It's quite cool actually. He already made a cameo in Season 1 though. Perhaps this one will be longer, like a whole episode worth. I don't have a favorite character to be honest but I have favorite traits. I like Eric's honesty and dedication (and taste), Vince's loyalty and trust, and Drama's DRAMA!!I'm only on season 1 so I hope these traits don't disappear.

Andy Briones said...

Whenever I hear the word Entourage, the first thing that comes to my mind is Jeremy Piven. The multitude of accolades this show has garnered from the Golden Globes, BAFTA, and, yes, Teen Choice Awards (lolz), mean nothing to me.

It's all about Jeremy Piven.

And just for the record, his chest hair is phenomenal. PHENOMENAL.

vicki said...

Andy, you are such a MAN!!

hehehe. Just kidding. I prefer Drama, E, and Vince. But maybe Ari will grow on me.