Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Things to Remember

I told myself last week that I would post create a series of posts, written at the end of the week, outlining 3-5 funny, memorable things my kids did over the weekend and week. The purpose of this was really to do two things: to give myself an extra boost at the end or the week, and to create a 'journal' of things about my kids that I can look back on.

Naturally, I was so busy last week that I had no time to blog. So I decided to write last week's post today. I will be doing this every Friday though.

Things to Remember.....

...about my son.
1. We went to Pizza Hut to look at their birthday party packages and someone was having a birthday party at the same time. When the mascot came out, my son ran to me and gripped me really tightly around the legs and waist. I know this fear isn't funny but it was what he said and how he looked that made me struggle really hard to contain my laughter. His face crumpled into an intense frown and he said, "Mommy, I'm afraid to the mascot!". Ok, it probably doesn't make much sense here but he looked so outraged that it was cute.
2. One morning, after finally arranging the last tray of freshly baked cupcakes, my son comes down, takes one look at the array on the table and says "Mommy, can I have a cupcake? I like it!" with perfect intonation for a question.
3. After coming home from a shopping trip with his dad, my son runs up to me gripping one of those clay dwarf ornaments for the garden. He is, of course, so proud about his purchase. So I ask him for the name of his garden gnome. He thinks for a while, looks at me with a smile, and then says "Edward!". My little boy is all grown-up.

...about my daughter.
1. she's been able to do this for a while but it's so cute I have to place it here. I sing her the Itsy Bitsy Spider rhyme every time she starts to cry and when she wakes up at night and I carry her to our bed to lounge for a short while. At first, she would just stare at my hand gestures and smile. Now she copies the gestures (with one hand- so cute) and finishes off with a toothy grin and hands clapping.
2. when she hears music, most kinds of music, she starts to rock back and forth. This is her dance. The funny thing is, she does this when I say "dance, dance!" even without music.
3. She is now practicing walking so it's soooo cute when she just screams at the top of her lungs, with a big grin, every time she is put down to walk.

I hope I'll be able to keep this activity up. It's therapeutic in a way. I couldn't help but smile while writing. And it made me feel closer to my kids, and took away a teensy weensy bit of that mommy guilt. I hope I'll be able to keep this up.


yanka said...

Cutie! And where did the name "Edward" come from?

**meg** said...

Awww! Cuuuute!

Ree said...

This is the main reason I blog as well...to capture those magical moments.

vicki said...

Yanka, I think 'Edward' came from Thomas and Friends. He's so British with his name choices.

Meg, thanks dear! I think so too! =)

Ree, I hope I can maintain that. I think my blog is also to help me keep my sanity. hahahahahaha!