Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Problem with the Little Things

I have been quite busy lately which hasn't been very good for my blogging. This has, after all, become a form of therapy for me. My QA buddies often say that my whining has significantly decreased ever since I moved it to this blog. And when I don't get to whine, I feel.....full. Full of bad thoughts, and emotions, and yuckiness.

Hence this post. I have, over the past few days, been getting increasingly irritable and my annoyance sprouts most often from little things. Allow me to list some of the most recent ones:

It's annoying how....

-people do not queue for the elevator, when there is obviously a queue, and when a queue is definitely necessary because one of the three elevators is down.
-when a building can spend so much on paint and tiles but not seem to bother about that metal box that transports their tenants to offices on the different floors.
-when you are blessed with an abusive (in terms of fare) taxi driver.
-when you have to carry four big trays of food with no covers.
-when you have to balance these four big trays because they have no covers.
-when you encounter competition which is supposed to be healthy but just ends up stressing you out because it threatens your income.
-when you have a slow laptop when you need for it to be fast.
-when none of the windows you need open on time.
-when your phone line is either sucky on your end or the other end.
-when you can't offset hours because your schedule is pegged.
-when you enter a room and no one is there, and you have no idea where they are.
-when you have to sit in a crammed van and wait for an hour before leaving for home because cabs are just too expensive these days.

I can go on and on but I will stop there for now. I can feel my chest loosen up a bit after that release. Wonder how long this feeling will last?


yanka said...

Elevator stories! Am has a collection of them! :-)

I hope you start feeling better soon.

dreamwalker said...

Don't worry Bicki, I am sure that your income will not be threatened. Just keep on making those yummy unbeatable lemon yoghurt cupcakes AND the really sweet chocolate icing!

Andy Briones said...

^^ Hey Numi! :-)

Who's "Bicki" ? Are we talking about that Belo woman? Forget about her, let's talk about her dude, Hayden.

Oooh, hotness!

Ree said...

Don't sweat the small stuff! It feels good to vent though, doesn't it? :-)

vicki said...

Yanka, I know! Am is so funny when she tells them.

Numi, I'll do my best.

Andy, I don't know what to say. I thought you were gonna focus on me. Hehehehehe.