Thursday, November 13, 2008

Health Scare

I went through a gamut of emotions early this week when both my kids came down with illnesses. The paranoid momma that I am went into full panic mode the afternoon of Monday, when my daughter broke out in a nondescript rash. This, combined with a weekend full of worry over her then-over spiking fever, still blooming cough and cold, and the cough that just wouldn't let my son go, was enough to send me running while screaming to the nearest hospital. So, doctor's office I went on Tuesday to be told that... daughter had Roseola Infantum (infant measles) and my son had mild Bronchitis.


The good news was that my daughter's case was mild compared to most. In fact, she didn't develop rashes on her arms, legs, or face. Thank goodness. The good news for my son, too, was that his Bronchitis was mild and that there was only slight wheezing detected and only when there was exertion involved. I was relieved to finally understand why he couldn't seem to shake the cough but I felt really bad when I saw the meds he would have to take. Since he had had an attacke before, I was familiar with one medicine and I knew that he didn't like this medicine at all. The one fear that lingers in my mind though is that this may be the start of a history of asthma. Asthma is very strong in both mine and my hubby's family history so I am now creating a mental list of things to do to avoid this happening.

Panic and then some relief. The change is drastic. Now I feel a headache coming on. Aaahhh!


Ree said...

Awwww, man...poor babies! Isn't it awful when they're sick? Asthma is strong in our families too so I'm always keeping an eye on Lauren. I put Lauren's medicine and/or vitamins in her juice, maybe that will help keep it down?

Mai da Paypay said...

i hope the kiddos feel better soon!

**meg** said...

Awww sweetie...


Think positively. I think that while Asthma can be inherited, it's not always the case. :)

vicki said...

Ree, I did that before. Luckily enough this time, he VOLUNTARILY drank his meds in exchange for a lollipop.

Mai, they feel better now thanks.

Hey Meg, I know. Thanks for the encouragement. =)