Friday, November 21, 2008

Courage Again

Paolo Coelho in his Plurk said, "Courage is Fear that Prays". Wow. I mean WOW. That is impressive in the massive sense of the word. I like to think I am brave. But I don't KNOW that I am. There are actually a handful of things that really scare me. And when I am faced with those fears I... freeze. I don't think that's very brave. I also don't pray a lot. I am not religious, this I know. But I believe in God. I like to think I have my own spirituality, but again I don't KNOW that. What Paolo Coelho said is making me seriously think (yeah, as if I've ever stopped doing this, huh?). Maybe I'm really just chickenshit.


dreamwalker said...

I was raised by very spiritual parents and praying used to be a habit of mine. However, it wasn't till I became an adult and faced what I call "real fear" that I realized just how much prayer can give me the courage I need.

ceemee said...

That is one cool quote from Paulo Coelho!

Btw, I am tagging you, if it's OK. :-)

Mai da Paypay said...

vicks you have inner strength that most women lack, that I know for sure

vicki said...

Numi, I know what you mean. How I long for the late night fears of the boogey man and the like. They were so much easier to tackle.

Ceemee, tag away! I love tags. =)

Mai, thank you. That's a great complement. =)