Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Advice and Growing Up

Sooner or Later

Pull the hair back from your eyes
Let the people see your pretty face
Try not to say anything weird

Save your questions without answers
'Til your old enough to know that things ain't as they appeared

Before you go out in the sun
Cover your skin and don't get burned
Beware the cancer, it might kill you when you're old

Be first in line, raise your hand
Remember everything you hear
And playing in the rain is worth catching cold

Sooner or later
We'll be lookin' back on everything
And we'll laugh about it like we knew what all was happening
And someday you might listen to what people have to say
Now you learn the hard way

We only want what's best for you
That's why we tell you what to do
And nevermind if nothing makes sense

'Cause it all works out in the end
You're just like us without a friend
But you can build a privacy fence (Yeah)

[Repeat Chorus]

Somethings you have to learn them all on your own
You can't rely on anybody else
Or the point of view of a source unknown
If it feels good and sounds nice
Then it's your choice don't doubt yourself
Don't even think twice

Pull the hair back from your eyes
Let the people see your pretty face
You know they like it when you smile (Find a reason to smile)

Try not to focus on yourself
Share that love with someone else
Don't let the bitters bring you down (Down)
Don't let anything bring you down

I was in the taxi cab on my way to work listening to my mp3 player, which I haven't done in ages, and this song started playing. I originally liked it because I thought the melody was upbeat enough but today, for some reason, I found myself really listening to the lyrics. I liked the imperfectness of the advice and how real some of what was sung really is. I liked that I could imagine saying these words to my son and daughter without feeling bad about not being able to explain more or be clearer or more true to what reality is. Because I think I would have liked it if someone had told me more about those aspects of life that are hard and difficult to understand or accept. Oh, I am all for keeping innocence and all. I would not dream of taking that away from my kids any sooner than need be. But, for myself, I guess I would have just wanted to be better equipped for the hard parts as well. I think it's important to have that balance. Funny what you realize when you grow up.


Avril said...

I agree with you about being honest with your kids and telling them what to expect from the world, but I think Ryan would agree to the extreme. He's worried about our kids getting disappointed when they outgrow the tooth fairy and etc.

We can still keep Santa alive, right?

vicki said...

Ask Livi. She loves to kill Santa. On the serious side though, I think it's great to give kids that part of childhood. You only see the world through rose colored glasses when you're very young anyway (unless you are seriously delusional). But it's also good to let them know that there are other things to know and consider that aren't too pretty. And maybe to help them understand that this is normal, that they are strong individuals who can overcome these obstacles, and that we always have their backs.

yanka said...

I just want to say, I LOVE your blog. In fact I posted about it last night but deleted it, because I didn't want to kill you with the mush.

vicki said...

hahaha!! Thank you Yanka. I have found that blogging has become my form of therapy. I don't remember how I was ever able to organize all my thoughts before I started blogging. I suppose that's why Numi and the rest have been exclaiming that the room has become a little more peaceful of late. =)

Avril said...

Not just more peaceful but so much more quiet! I am definitely the most talkative person in there now, it's a wonder I haven't gotten thrown out yet!

By the way Vicki, I just wanted to say that you sound like a great mom. :) That bit about how you'd always be there for kids is, I think, the strongest support you can give anyone for life's experiences.

vicki said...

Thanks Aves! That's high praise indeed.