Thursday, July 17, 2008


Those who have visited my blog more than once know that I have changed my template four times already. I never am content with what I see. I don't know if it's the fickle nature of the Gemini, or just me never really being satisfied. And this got me thinking about some things.
Appearances can be deceiving. This cliche has been used again and again and again but really, it makes sense. A person can look and act completely satisfied and yet be suffering from some perceived loss or lack within. A person may display acts of kindness for all to see but then be cruel when just with you. A person can act like your best friend and then stab you a million times in the back. Similarly, a person can appear to be the biggest bitch in the world when in fact she's your strongest supporter. In a world driven by appearances, how can one tell the genuine from the fake? Do you really leave it to your instincts to tell the difference? Is it true that these whispers inside, these butterflies in you stomach, speak the truth for you to know? What if your instincts have failed you before? What do you do then?


yanka said...

I like this look. Please don't change it for a while.

Yeah, I believe that our instincts are often right, but sometimes our desires are more powerful and win in the end. Like when we feel that we shouldn't trust someone, but we want so much to believe in that person (for one reason or another) and end up taking a risk anyway.

Then we get burned and blog about it.

vicki said...

hahahahaha!! You make sense, you make sense. Not very comforting though. But I do like the humor. At least I know for sure that laughter really makes a lot of things lighter.