Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Pain, Eyesight, and Medical Coverage

I fell down the stairs early Sunday am. I consider myself someone with a relatively high pain threshold but that was p-a-i-n-f-u-l. I have very bad eyesight see. I am near-sighted. And, stupid me, in my rush to see why my son was crying, I forgot my glasses in my room. To give you a better picture of my house, let me compare it to a typical English house. You know, the ones that go upwards instead of sideways? So I rushed downstairs to get to my son who was in the living room with his yaya, then I brought him to his room on the 3rd floor, and I rushed down to the 2nd floor to my room to get my glasses while he was on the throne. I fell down the last 3 curving steps of the stairs that leads from the 2nd to the 3rd floor. Fantastic huh?

Thankfully I have good HMO coverage. When I went to the hospital Monday (after my the swelling of my foot had not subsided and had gotten decidedly swollen instead), I had a consult, x-rays, and diagnosis- all on my HMO!! This was great because going to the hospital is quite expensive. The only sucky thing though was that my HMO did not cover the crutches I needed. So now I have to look around for inexpensive crutches. It would have been silly to get crutches worth 2k when I would be only using them for 2 weeks max. I am using one of those four-legged cane thingys that my husband was able to borrow from his friend. It isn't very helpful thought. I am hopping around now, every muscle I know and didn't know aching like mad, and not getting really far. Would anyone have info as to where I can get inexpensive crutches asap? ahhhh, Pain!!!!!


dreamwalker said...

Hope you feel better!

Trying to Wake said...

You looked like you were enjoying being wheeled out of the QA room on an office chair yesterday. :)

Hope you find the crutches. What did Borough say about suppliers?