Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Medicines and Natural Remedies

I was shocked, and I mean SHOCKED, when I called the drugstore last night to ask for costs for medication my kids need. Because my son has been coughing for almost a week now, he's had no appetite. And so the Pedia told me to give him appetite stimulants. When I called to ask for the costs of 2 different kinds of appetite stimulants, I was aghast to hear that one small bottle (90ml) of one brand costs p160 and one (120ml) bottle of the other brand costs 400!!!!!! My goodness. That's not even the biggest amounts I am going to drop in this post. My daughter has very sensitive skin so I need to always have skin asthma ointment handy. She ran out of this said ointment over the weekend. When I asked about her medicine, the pharmacist told me that her tube, which originally cost p850, now costs p1060. When I asked for the alternative ointment the Pedia prescribed, this cost a whopping p2050!!! Unbelievable. The cost of EVERYTHING is rising now and this is alarming when you think about the medicines you need. How I wish there were natural supplements or medication for what my kids need as they tend to be less expensive. Not only are they sometimes less expensive, you also feel safe in the knowledge that what your are giving is preservative or chemical free. Take for example one of the more popular natural remedies around today Himalayan goji juice . I saw this product featured on Oprah some time ago and I remember wondering about it. Could such a product really have all these healing effects? You could imagine my surprise when my husband came home with a bottle over the weekend! He told me he and his mom decided to try it out to see if the little cystic bumps they had on their arms would dissolve. According the the person who offered it, the juice could help with that. Well, so far I can report that he's been feeling a lot cleaner on the inside and that the juice has helped with his digestion. And you don't even have to take too much in one go to feel the difference. This, of course, had me thinking. So I researched a bit and found some useful tips on this site. I am hoping for more feedback on this and to find other remedies I can maybe consider for my kids. Anyone have any info I can research?


dreamwalker said...

Goji juice is supposed to really work wonders. My mom drank this a lot after her cataract operation went haywire. It is quite expensive, though, and I do not know if it was really the goji juice or the MIND that was at work.

vicki said...

hahahahaha!! well, if your mom wants more you can get from me. =)

Anonymous said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.

vicki said...

hi Sarah! Thanks for reading. You're most welcome to continue. I hope the posts remain interesting. =)