Friday, July 11, 2008

Working From Home

As a working mom of 2 very young kids (one is 2.11 and the other is 8 months), I always think about how my work life affects my family. I am perennially feeling like I am 'stuck between a rock and a hard place' especially when it comes to the important events of both my husband and kids. I work what can be considered odd hours (even if it is a M-F job) so sometimes I can't help but miss an event. So I suppose it's not surprising that I've considered working from home. I always thought that this wasn't a viable idea for people with families but I have lately found that there is a lot to be said about working at and from home. This should be the tag to catch the attention of interested people like me, Make Money Online . I found that, while reading through the posts on hangelbel's work from home, there are a lot of lucrative and interesting things one can do!! And these are varied ideas as well, complete with definitions and opinions. It's a really informative read for those thinking seriously about working from home. Luckily, Livi brought up the possibility of making our department home-based. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this is given serious thought and hopefully works out.

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dreamwalker said...

Vicki, maybe it's time we prayed ;)
Looking forward to working from home MORE.