Thursday, July 17, 2008


HAHAHAHAHAHA!! I love my officemates. They are funny, funny, FUNNY people. They really can lighten your mood and make your problems seem far away (at least for a little while). The best part is, this is mostly done unintentionally. That just goes to show what kind of natural humorists we have in the office.
The most recent funny episode involves the yin to my yang- Numi. See, she promised, swore, did everything short of waving a magical wand or using Saidar to etch her promise in Cuendillar (for non-followers of Robert Jordsn's 'Wheel of Time', Saidar= female source of magical power, Cuendillar= unbreakable material that was used to seal the Dark One away from the world) that SHE WOULD NEVER BUY A PINK LAPTOP.
Guess what? Over the weekend, she did!! And she took such great pains to hide it. I cannot write down or hope to describe here how funny it was when I found out. I wonder if Livi knows. I can't wait to spread the hilarious news!!

(I got the picture of Mr. Burns from this site).


Avril said...

Seriously? I love pink but I have no intention of getting a pink laptop. Also, Numi was sooo against the pink one last week. What happened?

dreamwalker said...

Aves, what happened? Koryu happened!
And Vicki, you suck!!!
I have MORE to say but I'll just post that in my blog when the teasing about my pink baby has died down. How's that? :p

vicki said...


Liv said...


She did not! I can't believe Numi would do this...tsk tsk tsk. She truly is Queen Pretentious.

Avril said...

Hmmm...maybe pretentiousness is something you pick up at the seventh level of hell? :D Love you Numi!