Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Alcohol and Rock Stars

I was watching this E! Special called 'Rock Star Wives' over the weekend and it struck me how differently people deal with each other when they are inebriated. Some people get emotional, some violent, others just pass out and don't remember a thing. It led me to thinking about the effects of alcohol and just how much one should take to stay sane. When people are drunk, is it excusable to be mean, rude, or violent?

I searched the Net and this is what I found:

"A standard drink contains about 10 grams of pure alcohol. Hotels and restaurants usually serve alcohol in standard drink size glasses. Wine, however, is normally sold in 140 mL or 200 mL glasses. One 200 mL glass of wine contains approximately two standard drinks. Glasses used at home are unlikely to be standard drink size. The labels on alcoholic drink bottles and cans show the number of standard drinks they contain."
Here's a table for the standard drink size:

And the clincher. The effects of overindulgence.

It's a good thing my craving for some drinks doesn't go beyond the 1-2x per week cocktail or three. I think that is acceptable. And I suppose, for others, it is a matter of how to control intake and, if this isn't happening, realizing this lack of control and getting help. That's what a lot of the musicians on the E! Special ended up doing actually. They drank and indulged in other substances and overdoing this led to a lot of unhappiness in their lives. The one thing I was thinking about though is that in their cases, the vice is very obvious. There is that saying for Rock Stars, "live hard, die young". So while yes, they are more exposed to a lot of bad things, they also have a lot of resources to tap into should they need it. How does the average person deal with this? How does one identify lack of control in an ordinary life? And, if that is present, how does one go about facing it?

This show just had all these questions popping up. Any ideas people?

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