Thursday, August 21, 2008

Baby Food Resolution

I did my grocery shopping yesterday and was again struck by the lack of variety and high cost of baby food. This pushed me even more to begin my homemade baby food. I've listed what I need and these are:

1. blender
2. ice trays
3. fruit
4. meat
5. steamer
6. time

I have everything ready at home except the last number. Good thing I have a long weekend coming up. This will give me enough time to concentrate. I am confident that, once I get the hang of it, I won't need so much prep time.

Wish me luck!!


Avril said...

Domestically clueless me...

What do you do with the meat? Steam it before blending it?

yanka said...

Oooh. Wait - no veggies?

I used to do this and had a lot of fun! I was amazed that my son would eat it, though. The food looked horrible to me.

Good luck! And enjoy. :-)

Liv said...

It's sooo easy I swear. I do it every week and you know what a nincampoop I am in the kitchen. =)

vicki said...

Affie, the meat has to be cooked and cold already apparently to make a better puree or blend.

Yanka and Livi, woohoo!! Testimonies from people I know who have tried this. I am feeling more confident already! =)

Ree said...

Another testimony from me! I did it and it really was easy...add a microwave to that list of tools,it was a godsend. The easiest to do was sweet potatoes and yams...I guess camote would be the equivalent. I just microwaved it until soft, then pureed with a bit of formula or breastmilk (pre-pumped..not squirted straight from breast..haha) She LOVED that stuff and then mix that with any other kind of veggies too (carrots worked best when mixed with sweet potatoes) Lauren loved squash, sweet potatoes, zucchini, carrots,peas, Chicken with rice, mango, peaches, blueberries, and cantaloupe/honeydew melons.Bananas and avocados I just mashed right before feeding

Good's REALLY easy and lots of fun. The trick for me was to set some time aside and make big batches to freeze so I had lots in stock and made the day to day feeding so much easier.

Confession: I actually liked the taste of the food when pureed and would sneak a spoonful every now and then. :-)

Ree said...

A followup to my earlier comment: Check these sites for baby food recipes that are actually yummy:

Good Luck!

vicki said...

Ree, I read that you can only store up to 72 hours. Is this true?