Monday, August 11, 2008

It was a Good Week...

It's Monday again and reading Livi's post about how she loves Mondays made me think of how much I do not. Sigh. This is my usual feeling but it was even more emphasized this week because last week was a good week. Why?

1. I was able to start cutting down on my food intake. Plus, the hubby bought brown rice, which is much healthier and so much more filling! I can definitely eat smaller portions and not feel hungry for a while.

2. I was able to discuss real gym possibilities and am now just waiting for this darn fractured foot to be totally healed.

3. I was able to go out and socialize 3 out of 7 nights, without sacrificing quality time with my kids (although this meant significantly less shut eye for me).

4. I was finally able to get a drink. This almost makes me sound alcoholic but, considering that I've been dying for one for ages, I can't help but sigh over the fact that I finally got it, times 7. It wasn't a Mojito but it was good nevertheless. It was actually a concoction I came up with on the spot actually because the bar we went to only had 1 cocktail which I didn't like. It was a mix of Dalandan Juice and Malibu White Rum. Sooooo good. Sweet and citrusy at the same time. This kind of ate into my calorie count but I thought, hey, gotta live a little woman.

Considering all of the above, it should be easy to see why I so dislike this Monday. Sigh again.


yanka said...

So happy for you!

To which gym are you planning to go? Is it near our workplace?

vicki said...

Gold's for a month. Was able to get a certificate through Livi. And then either Ateneo or Fitness, depending on whether I can work out a Fitness membership. =)

Avril said...

Do you really enjoy going to the gym though? I only enjoyed the cosmic classes and it was so hard to always try to match the classes. Also, I hated weights so never did them. :P

And yes, I hate Mondays too! I'm glad Livi likes her day, but 12 hours of work on the first day of the week? She may actually be a little more insane than I was previously aware of! :D

vicki said...

She is! She is! I don't have previous knowledge so I can only speak about the present. But, at present, she is!

And I do actually like going to the gym but just for aero to be honest. I can't stand the machines. They bore me to tears. And I just stay away from the weights because I know I have no hope of continuing any kind of weights program. So I am truly looking forward to cardio. =)

Liv said...

I'm not guys are weird!!!