Friday, August 22, 2008

Desperately Seeking Britney Spears

Last night, I sat with my mouth wide open as I saw The Daily Ten flash a picture of the new and improved Britney Spears. She is now S-L-I-M!! Take a look at Ms. Spears at press time. Apparently, she's been on a high protein, low carb, 1200 calories a day diet, combined with 5 days of cardio and weight training. Now who wouldn't lose weight with all that? Plus, she's got all the support in the world, all the time in the universe, and a still-sizable bank account to draw from. I think that if she still didn't look this good after all that, she would have had to look into more drastic measures.
To be honest though, Britney didn't look that bad pre-svelte hot mama that she is now. Ok, she didn't have the same hit-me-baby-one-more-time body but, hey, she had 2 kids in a row! She was entitled to some baby weight. Her downward spiral into a whole lot of issues and a galactic sized black hole probably didn't leave much room for a diet and exercise plan either.

So, seeing her now brings out 2 reactions from me:

1. Pure and utter irritation and frustration at how she can spend time and money to go back to looking good while mere mortals, like myself, kinda have to slave away at it for the number of months it took her to lose weight multiplied by 10 (at least). This sounds very selfish and whiny, I know.
2. Some hope as well. If Britney Spears and all her drama and problems can focus and do it, then dang it, so can I!!!! (Ok, I am having a really, really hard time believing this as I am writing it, so, support people!)

I must chant to myself: I must diet, exercise, count calories, and lose weight!


dreamwalker said...

You can do it! (Rob Schneider intonation)

vicki said...

How would the intonation be if it were Richard Simmons? hahaha!

Liv said...

Wait am I the only one who's lost here? What the hell is Numi talking about, what's the Rob Schneider intonation?