Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Baby Milk

My daughter is turning 9 months next week, just as my son turns 3. Wow! How fast time flies. I much prefer the after 6 month time for babies though because I've always been afraid of very fragile babies (even my own!). I've been having so much fun with her now, as she progresses from crawling to standing and as she learns new, unintelligible syllables everyday. On the nutrition side, I've always been worried. I worry that I am giving my baby too much of one thing and not enough of another. With my son, I tried to stay within the milk portions for his age and size and then to go all-natural soon after I received the go ahead signal to give solids. With my daughter, it is rediscovering all these facts again. I thought I would remember seeing as their ages aren't too far apart but, perhaps due to the CS or my natural lack of ability to retain details, I don't.
So I was pleased to find this simple milk chart online.

Since she gets 4 7 oz. bottles a day she's still within the acceptable range. I was thinking about giving her 3-4 8 oz bottles after she turns 9 months and I am happy that that too still is within the acceptable range. Yippee!!


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean! I've always worried about the same things. I think that's a sign of being a good mom lol. Have a great day.

vicki said...

Thanks! =) It's wonderful that there are now a lot of sites online one can visit to check for these things. Have a great day as well!

Ree said...

Is she on solids yet? I started Lauren on solids when she was 6 months but doc told me most of her nutrition still comes from breastmilk/formula (I do a combo of both). She only nurses at night now and I don't really keep track of how much milk she's drinking during the day. My doc said not to obsess about it..he told me just give her as much as she wants and she'll know when to stop and she'll let you know when she's hungry. He also told me once they start moving they're going to need more each baby will have different needs depending on how early they start crawling/walking. Since Lauren started walking a little early at 10 months she's been underweight because she's so active and burning more than she can drink!!!

vicki said...

I put her on solids on her 5th month. My pedia told me to watch her milk intake because she doubled her birth weight waaaay too early. Her length and weight are better now though. she has solids for brekkie and lunch, a lot of water, and 3-4 bottles of milk throughout the day. She's also standing on her own (gripping the sides of the playpen) now so I anticipate more movement soon.