Friday, August 1, 2008


I was able to bring my son to school for the first time in about three weeks today. I really missed doing this. I don't really have a lot of hours with both my kids during the weekdays so I try to make trips like this part of our quality time together. Plus, I've really always wanted to bring my kids to school. I was pleasantly surprised by a couple of changes in my son during the ride to his school. Let me enumerate:

1. When the tricycle arrived, he promptly hopped in and took his seat. He used to be quite tentative.

2. As the tricycle started to move I turned to him and told him "Let mommy hold the p20. You might drop it." He turned to me and said with conviction "No mommy. I'll hold it." Proceeding then to clutch the p20 bill tightly in his little fist. I used to hold the fare.

3. When we arrived at his school, he turned to the driver and confidently gave the money. After the driver handed me the change, my son looked at the driver, flashed a big grin and chirped "Thank you man!"

I was amazed by the changes in him in the few weeks I couldn't bring him to school. I've always valued independence. So much so that it is one of the top 2 things I would kill myself trying to teach my kids. I was really proud of him, but also a little sad. My baby boy is growing up. When did this happen and how could it happen so fast. Bittersweet indeed. I can just cry now.


yanka said...


And yes, moments like that can really wring the heart. They have no idea.

vicki said...

I know. And my daughter is growing up so fast too. Last night, she woke up when the hubby and I entered the room. So we put her on the bed and I started doing the itsy bitsy spider with her, complete with actions and music. She sat, staring at first, then she started laughing, gripped my shirt with both hands and almost stood up by herself. Fantastic but heartbreaking. Stop time, stop!