Friday, August 15, 2008

Long Weekend Coming

It's been a good past 2 days. Yesterday we celebrated my son's 3rd birthday. Imagine that. 3 already. How fast time flies! After much thought, we decided to keep the celebration simple. My husband and I brought him to the zoo for a birthday tour. Loving all things that are new and have to do with going out, my son had a lot of fun. We didn't bring our daughter as I was afraid she would catch something (being less than a year old).
Here's a photo of us feeding the rabbits. It's amazing how such a simple activity could bring so much enjoyment. It kind of makes you want to be a kid again. Ok, sometimes.

Today we threw him a small party at his school with all his classmates. He attends Toddler's class still so there weren't a lot of students in the class. He didn't notice this, of course. He had his classmates, presents, music, food, his sister, mommy and daddy. He was super active and having so much fun again. It kind of turned out to be a double celebration, when you think about it. Since the number was small and the kids were young, I served homemade spaghetti and chicken lollipop. For his cake, I baked chocolate cupcakes with sugar icing and candy sprinkles. I arranged 18 pieces in a round serving dish and placed 3 candles in the middle, one candle per center cupcake. It was quite successful! It looked like a Cupcake Cake. And of course, he loved it. Plus, this was much less expensive compared to even the ordinary but good cakes around. I wanted to place an actual picture here but I could not figure out how to zoom in on the cake and keep just the dish in the picture.

Instead, here are 2 pictures of cupcakes serving as birthday cakes:

These are pretty similar to what I did actually. Just imagine a much prettier, blue and white, round dish and the chocolate, candy sprinkled cupcakes arranged as they are on the picture to the right. Then I had just 3 candles for 3 cupcakes in the middle. Fantastic huh?

Well, the long weekend is coming up and I can't think of a better way to welcome it than with warm memories of my son's 3rd birthday. Now time to plan my daughter's 1st birthday coming in a few months. Waaaaaaah!!


yanka said...

Those cupcakes are WOW. I wish I had your talent. You're such a supermom.

**meg** said...

Those cupcakes look yummy. :) And a happy birthday to your son...

vicki said...

Thanks ladies! It isn't so hard Yanka- the cupcake part. I don't think I'm supermom but thanks for the comment anyway. It made me smile. And the cupcakes are yummy Meg. You can order from me for Christmas! Hehehe.

Gin E said...

The cupcake looks great...and I agree that this is less expensive than those big cakes...and easier to serve too. I'm actually considering making some for my baby's second birthday.

By the way, I know this is a bit off-topic but I would like to give you an award. Here's the link:

Have a nice day!

vicki said...

Hey Gin E,

If you can do it, why not? It's actually a lot of fun. And, the kids love it!

Thanks for the award!

Good luck with the cupcakes. Hope it goes well. =)

Ree said...

I love cupcakes!!! And yours looked great! (I saw the pics on Facebook).

vicki said...

Thanks Ree! =)