Friday, August 8, 2008

Losing Weight

One of the things I told myself I would start doing again is exercising. Since my fall, it's been tough to do just that. I am almost well though so I am excited about starting my diet and exercise plan. I've already lined up gym possibilities and am going to check out their viability later today. So that's done. Now, I've never lost weight on diet alone and, from past experience, only 3 kinds of diet have ever worked for me: something low in carbs or counting calories or a combination of both. The last time I counted calories was way back in college so suffice it to say I do not remember the calorie count list. Because of this I went online to look for a chart that I could use as a point of reference and this is what I found.

chart 1
I love meat so this chart was (understandably?) depressing. I can't even begin to imagine how difficult it's going to be to cut down on portions AND cut down on carbs at the same time. I think I'm going to be hungry a lot. I thought I would look for the chart with low calorie food to help me substitute without blowing my regular calorie intake count and this is what I found.

chart 2
Even more depressing huh? I seriously do not like a lot of the items on this table. Seriously.

But I am determined to lose weight. I think I've used the "I've just had 2 babies" line far too much already. Besides, there are too many cute (and cheaper) clothes out there for slimmer women that I want to wear. And, let's not forget, my vanity and memories of my slimmer days are torturing me. I miss the days when I was thinner because, in my opinion anyway, I looked better and I definitely felt better.

So wish me luck on this new project. So many ongoing projects, the Gemini in me is in heaven and hell at the same time.


**meg** said...

Sweetie, I think you already look AMAZING! But, if you really want to wear the hot clothes out there (same here!), then I'm absolutely crossing my fingers for you.

You wanna hit the gym? I've always wanted to go with someone... That seems like a good idea too. :)

Ree said...

Good Luck! Hey, did you know Sarah just lost 50lbs? You know how she did? The ol' tried and true: burn more calories than you take in. She painstakingly counts her calories and tracks how manys she's burning and you know what, it works...probably the only thing that's worked for her (and she's tried everything). She was inspired after watching the Biggest Loser and has been trying to get me to work out with her (she works out every day) I think the difference this time that helped it work for her was COMMITMENT and DOING IT FOR HERSELF instead of being pressured by outside forces to lose weight which just created a power struggle.

Good Luck! I'll be right there with you. You've inspired me to go to the gym tonight! It's about time I stopped using "but I'm so busy with the baby..." as an excuse.

Your BoyFriend said...

Gemini! I like you already! May I suggest a boxing routine to add to your diet. It's better than anything else you will find. Moreover, it is an outlet for family and work stress.

vicki said...

Meg, I would love to go to the gym! Let's see if we can work something out.

Ree, go get 'em girl!! And pls tell Sara great job for me and to keep it up. I'm hoping to see you both soon.

Your BF, taebo is my aero of choice to be honest but I do like to add the occassional hi-lo and dance. Thanks for the suggestion!