Thursday, August 7, 2008

Recipe for Motherhood

I found this picture in an interesting site for Baby Food and I thought it was cute.

I'm feeling quite sentimental about motherhood today.


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yanka said...

I like the "gallon of generosity" part, because that's really what it's all about for me.

**meg** said...

Awww, motherhood is such a nice thing. And wear it proudly, sweetie.

BTW, I really do miss talking with you.

dreamwalker said...

So am I qualified? Hehe...

vicki said...

Yanka, I feel you. But I personally think it's really everything for me. hehehehe. Complicated? =)

Meg, can't wait until you're a mom yourself! Miss talking to you too dear. We should meet up when our schedules permit.

Numi, not at the moment, sorry. But you can be a mom of gadgets! =)

**meg** said...

Me a mom?! Hmn...I don't really know if I can muster a gallon of generosity. :)

Nonetheless, we should meet up. The talks we've had are all centered on work. Maybe now, we can finally let loose and chill, like we should.