Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Before Twilight...

Twilight Quiz
Twilight Quiz by fun quizzes!
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I saw this quiz on Affie's blog. I'm thinking there must be a reason she, and Livi, and Joyce, and Tarie, and countless others are so obsessed with this series. So I decided to take the quiz as a "pre-Twilight, just out of curiosity" thing, since I really do intend to read it after I finish all the books I currently have on queue. I'll probably do this again after I read the books. I wonder if the result will be different.


Tarie said...

Because Twilight made me blush. :o) Because it made me slide out of my chair after it had melted my bones. Because it made me sigh and smile to myself. Because it made my heart beat faster. And most of all, because I really am still just a teenage girl at heart.

vicki said...

Oh no!! This does not bode well for me.